Friday, June 3, 2011

GOAL #1 and Cha Cha Changes

So today I am at 420 my goal weight for surgery. YAY! However, I will not be having surgery. After talking with my Hematologist I believe it's too risky for me to under go any surgery. I have a clotting disorder that has already caused me one pulmonary embolism....1 out of 3 pulmonary embolisms are if surgery was to cause me another PE what are the chances of survival??? Not very good.

I cried about it a first then I realized the person who commented on my last blog was right....I can do this on my fact I have been.... I started at 465 and now one month later I am at 420...45 pounds in one month is't too shabby! I CAN DO THIS!!!

that totally changes the focus of my but I hope you will continue with me on my journey through losing weight without VSG.


  1. I most definitely will continue to follow you. And, support you in your decision. You have to decide what's best for YOU!

    :) Congratulations on meeting your goal though!

  2. It's a cliché but everything happens for a reason. Best of luck, I will be reading you.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you can get VSG but it is just one tool out of many. I know that you can do this!! I am definitely going to be keeping up with you and checking in. Keep fighting!

  4. I plan to follow your blog. I admire your decision and whatever support I can offer you, you got it!